Monday, October 28, 2013

Reply 1994: Why It's Gotta Be Oppa

Can Oppa be the husband and Chilbongie be the new, adopted son? I want both of them to be a part of this family. Our two Mr. Rights are each adorable in their own way, but only one of them gets the package the 2013 security guard delivered for Mr. Kim. My money's on Oppa, and not just because he's the best thing since sliced, Korean beef.

Here's a few points in his favor, underneath the headings of some well-known classics that might have been used as pager greetings back in the day.

Love is a Battlefield

Whoever ends up with Na-jung is gonna need a boatload of courage and a strong head of hair. This girl is tough. Oppa’s not afraid to twist her face off, or wrap her in a head lock, if necessary. Chilbongie’s such a sweetie, I’m afraid he might get hurt living with our female WWF impersonator. And his swoopy Justin Bieber hairdo wouldn’t last long in her hands. Maybe that’s why Oppa chops his mane so short.

Time is on my Side

It’s hard to beat that much history. Just like Na-jung, I didn’t realize the significance of the seal pillow at first. But when we both remembered . . . ugh. Those are the kind of things it takes a lifetime for a couple to know about each other. But these two have already spent a lifetime together. They know the important things. The tragic stories, and the funny ones. And they know the unimportant things. What your class schedule is and what your new pager password is going to be before you even change it. (1-1-1-1. Haha. So good!) 

Yakkety-yak (Don’t talk back)

Try to ignore the fact that he’s drying off with a bathmat. (I love Oppa, but his personal hygiene could use a serious upgrade.) What follows this moment is an entire round of “Yes, Dear”. 

Na-jung: Straighten the bath slippers. 
Oppa: Yes, dear. 
Na-jung: Turn off the light. 
Oppa: Yes, dear. 
Na-jung: And don’t forget to put lotion on your scaly face. 
Oppa: Yes, dear . . . which one is the lotion? 

She’s bossy as all-get-out, but this dunderhead needs someone to remind him of these things or he’ll be walking out the door without pants one day. 

U Can’t Touch This

Oppa must not be an MC Hammer fan, ‘cause he’s about the touchy-feeliest K-drama character I’ve ever seen. (I think he even surpasses Tae Gong-shil of Master’s Sun.) He wrestles her on the bed, he wraps his arms around her at the sink, he kisses her hair, and on and on it goes. Imagine you've never seen the show, and ran across one of those sappy Youtube videos. (You know someone is already splicing the clips. And I'm just the sort of sappy viewer that will be watching it.) But if you knew nothing about the characters' relationship, you might assume they were already married. 

Love Me Tender

Oppa can’t remember if he’s wearing socks, but he never forgets to watch out for Na-jung. He orders the seal doll way before the memorial day. He gets up at the crack of dawn to cook breakfast so she can go back to bed (even though he's a sleep deprived med student). He calls more than once to check up on her throughout the day. *Sigh* I wish I had a husband OR a brother like him. I’d be happy either way. 

Sorry, Chilbongie. You chip away at my heart with your wistful glances at the close family life the country folk share. I wish you could have Na-jung’s parents, but Na-jung belongs to Oppa. If the writers give us any other ending, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

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