Friday, October 4, 2013

Master's Sun Episode 17 or "That deserves a big tip!"

My Korean stinks, but I believe what you say after eating something yummy is Mashissoyo!

The finale of Master’s Sun was like a big, old ice cream sundae with extra nuts, sprinkles, cookie bits, gummi bears, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Sweet as sugar and chock full of cutie calories, it kept the tone light throughout and even revisited a few of our favorite bits from the past. But instead of playing a loop of endless montages, like so many finales do, this episode reinvented the scenes with extra fanservice twists that kept me grinning like an idiot. I don’t care if it’s pandering. How can I hate someone for giving me just what I was craving. Thank you, Hong Sisters!

Here are some of my favorite dishes from last night’s funny feast:

Best 4 minutes of the whole episode, maybe the whole show! 

Our Gong Shil wakes up with a pleased-as-punch Joong Won by her side, and thus commences one of the most hilarious sequences in the entire run of Master’s Sun. I love how each ghost possessing her is a callback to the first time she spent the night, but his reactions show just how far he’s come to embrace the insanity. Not only doesn’t he banish the Baby Ghost right away, he feeds her ice cream then scolds her like a doting uncle when she wants more.

And, as if So Ji Sub doesn’t kill me with his adorable antics already, he not only waves a blanket at the Kitty Ghost like a bullfighter, but barks at her for good measure. *Thunk*

Finally, he ends up with an armful of Parisian Ghost after telling her to get lost – IN FRENCH! (They almost had to scrape me off the floor after all of this.)

Our Sunny is back! 

Ms. Sun actually starts to shine again. I’d had enough of the long faces, and quietly suffering heroics. Tae Gong Shil returns from her 375 day quest stronger, brighter, and ready to seduce the man she loves (which seems a little ridiculous, since he’s already wrapped around her little finger). She still sees ghosts, his touch still banishes them, basically nothing has changed, except she made a lot of money flipping ghost houses. I guess it just took her a year to realize her own self-worth, but what a relief it was to see her smile again.

A small, side dish of Closure, if you please. 

Who would have thought even our resident, ghost regulars get their stories tied up in a nice, neat bow? Trash Can Ajusshi’s was actually poignant, as he forever pays penance for throwing away a lottery ticket and depriving his loved ones of the security it could bring. I love that Joong Won declares HE will take care of it because it’s HIS friend, and gifts the daughter with a Kingdom-sized wedding of her dreams. You big softie. I wonder how many times he sat on that bench in the 375 days Tae Gong Shil was away, commiserating with a ghost about problems that neither one could fix.

And, Surprise! Coffee Ghost isn’t dead at all, just another coma victim who refused to return to his body because he didn’t want to take any more tests. Pfffft. I guess there are slackers in the spirit world, too.

A round of Happy Endings for everyone!

I wonder if the Hong Sisters are super-fond of this drama and its characters, because they gave everyone and their mother a happy ending. The adorable, matchmaking munchkins get to move to a new house with their mom. Secretary Ajusshi basks in the credit for orchestrating the whole romance between his beloved boss and Taeyang, with the simple act of stopping the car on that fated rainy night. Loose Lips and Gong Shil’s sister (whose name I never did learn) continue with their PDAs. Uncle Fighting and his Snippy Wife have a bundle of joy on the way. (That kid is gonna have one strange Aunt in Tae Gong Shil). And our never-say-die Little Sun gets the man of her dreams and the walk down the red carpet, too.

When I think about it, there were never any real villains in this show, just villainous circumstances. (Unless you count that creepy You’re-the-most-beautiful Hairdresser Ghost, who still gives me the shivers.) But I’m not complaining. I like my happy endings piled high with extra sprinkles.

Give Me Shelter 

I would have liked a more clever reason for why Joong Won is the only shelter in the world for Taeyang. Preferably something that had to do with her accident. But I can live with the fact it’s because he’s her Soulmate. It makes sense. It’s just not very creative.

Taeyang found the strength to cope with her strange ability, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Joong Won is still her shelter. The difference is that she can live without it, but why should she? Although the ghost-poofing takes the metaphor to the extreme, isn’t a shelter what we all desire in our relationships? Whether it’s a mate, a friend, or a family member? We all want that someone that is always on our side, that we can run to when life gets too hectic, and trust that with them we will feel that condition that is much too fleeting in our crazy world. We will feel safe.

This episode left me licking my lips like an ice-cream crazed kiddie ghost and jumping in for seconds right away. It may have lacked a little protein, but I prefer doughnuts over health shakes any day of the week. Again, thank you Hong Sisters! I look forward to your next wacky creation.


  1. Hiya. Arrived here via your comment on Dramabeans. This was a lovely post and I agree whole heartedly with everything you say. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Anon. It's always nice to be agreed with wholeheartedly : )