Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Marry Him, Etcetera: I Dare You Not To Like It

You may think this is a pick-up, but . . . do you believe in fate?

Some find the idea of destiny a frightening thing. An inescapable outcome that a person has no say in. Others find it comforting. No matter how you mess up, or what blind alley you wander down, Heaven steers you toward your hand-tailored, one-of-a-kind, designed-just-for-you destination in the end. I happen to be in the second camp. But whichever outlook you choose, Marry Him If You Dare keeps the question of destiny ever present in the viewer’s mind as our heroine contends with life, co-worker bullies, and a bossy, future ahjumma version of herself as she strives for her own happy ending. Here’s just a few of the appealing things this show offers:

 Yong! Yong! Yong!

I’ve loved Jung Yong-wha ever since I saw his good-natured and often playful, real-life personality on We Got Married with SNSD’s Seo-hyun. But that doesn’t mean I’ve loved his dramas. You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings . . . he wasn’t terrible. But he wasn’t great. I think this role is a major step forward. His second lead is a sweetheart (as most second leads are), but he’s also smart, layered, and a little ruthless when it comes to business. I look forward to what new sides he’ll show in future episodes. Right now I’m kinda hatin’ on his destined partner, the ultra-self centered bratty, Yoo-kyung, but episode four proved that there is a brain in there . . . somewhere. She’s got time to do some growing, but right now, she doesn’t deserve him.

 Chemistry oozing from the cast!

What is it about Yoon Eun Hye? The girl could stand next to a coat rack and make me think she’s in love with it. Her chemistry works with both male leads, but I’m rooting for Shin and Mirae. There’s something so endearing about the foul-mouthed pair together, and how they push each other to be better than they are. (The smoldering gazes don’t hurt either.)

You can’t fight fate!

Future Mirae messing up the destinies of both couples just seems so wrong, somehow. She's not only changing her own life but See-joo, Yoo-kyung, and who knows how many others. But she’s fighting something bigger than herself. If she circumvents the original rear-ending fate had planned, it just slams the guy and girl head-on the next time. Is it possible the whole "water" ploy will get restyled, as well? Maybe See-joo will fall for Yoo-kyung in a new, but wet way that doesn't involve Jejudo.

Who doesn’t love a good Whodunit? 

Mystery swirls around Future Mirae’s real motivations. She claims Shin killed the person she loves in the future, but who is that? Her brother, their child, himself? There’s way more to the story than she lets on, and trying to put the pieces together is part of the fun. There’s also some murky, undefined side effects from her time travel that seem to be wrecking her health. And now we have a Timecop Wannabe traveling back to get her, so who knows who else is gonna walk through that tunnel before we’re done. I’d love to meet Future Shin!

 Girl Power Galore

I know I’m still a drama rookie, but I’ve packed quite a few shows into my first year of Hallyu. And never in all those many hours have I seen not one but TWO heroes berate a girl for acting like a toddler. When See-joo tells the Aegyo Airhead, Yoo-kyung, that she doesn’t have to pander to men to prove her worth . . . gah. No words. Can I order one of him for myself? Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee!

I don’t know who the writers for this show are, but I want to give them a standing ovation for the characters they're creating. Future Mirae planned to upgrade her husband, but Present Mirae decides to upgrade herself. Now that’s a heroine I can root for! If you’re still on the fence, give this drama a try.

With its swoony eye-contact, girl power guts, and plenty of funny-bone tickling moments, I dare you not to like it.

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