Saturday, September 28, 2013

Background Boy Meets Girl: Scene-Stealing Couples

Prince Charming & Cinderella?

Who has time for them? You're busy watching the palace maid flirt with the royal bodyguard in the background.

Has anyone else ever been captivated by the side couple? So much that it even overshadows the One True Pairing you're supposed to be watching? Here are a few of my favorite scene-stealers:

1. The Bodyguard Couple (The King 2 Hearts)

No words to describe the earnest soldier supporting the plucky, wheelchair-bound princess and forcing her to face life again. Just buckets and buckets of tears that they didn't get a happily ever after. But their journey was so beautiful, I still love them.

2. The Milky Couple (Dream High)

There's something so realistic about Pilsuk's battle to lose weight, going through a beauty makeover, hitting it big, and then gaining most of the weight back. The beautiful part is she's still happy. The chubby duckling turns into a swan . . . and then back into a slightly-less-chubby duckling. And Jason adores her all three ways. Who wouldn't root for them!

3. The Right Now Couple (Flower Boy Next Door)

These two crack me up. She's a workaholic editor who refuses to sleep more than four hours a night and has bags under her eyes the size of the Grand Canyon. He moonlights as a designated driver and has to support his sick family, all while trying to fulfill his own dream of becoming a cartoonist. It's telling that their most romantic gesture is when she co-signs a debt for him. No hearts and rainbows for this couple. They've got real life to deal with, but at least they've got someone on their side while they do it. Plus you gotta love a guy who says her panda eyes are her best feature.

4. The Spoiled Brat Couple (Protect the Boss)

Self-involved, pampered, and kinda disloyal (at least at first). She likes his cousin. Then she likes him. Then he likes her and she likes his cousin again. Then she likes him and he likes his cousin's secretary. And on and on it goes. When their hearts finally get in the same place at the same time it's practically a miracle. They may be spoiled, but their chemistry was red hot.

5. The Monday Couple (Running Man)

Okay, technically Running Man isn't a drama, and Gary and Jihyo aren't a side couple, but who doesn't wait with baited breath to see what kind of flirty, pranks they'll play on each other every Sunday, in between ripping off each other's nametags.

So who did I miss? Since I'm still a drama rookie, I'm sure there's a fun, focus-stealing pair that I just haven't gotten around to, yet. If you know a good one, please fill me in.

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  1. Krystal and Kang Min-hyuk in Heirs. Their interaction is unusual, and provides welcome relief from the huge dollops of Victimhood we have to endure from the main couple.