Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Master's Sun'll come out . . . tomorrow

I felt a little like Joongwon when I finished this episode. There’s still something missing.

So many things went right, including Master regaining his memory. But I still felt a little hollow when the credits rolled. It leaves me staring at my empty hand wondering, what did this show used to have that it doesn’t anymore? As I try to process, here are five impressions it left behind when all was said and done:

1. Award for Best Surprise Guest Goes to . . .
It’s a regular Cyrano Dating Agency reunion up in here. First Lee Jong Hyuk guest stars and now Lee Chun Hee. Did anyone else do a double take? Apparently Chunderella, or whatever character he’s playing this time, can also see spirits. Is somehow involved with Taeyang’s accident. And may have even sent Coffee Ghost as a spy to keep an eye on her. Now THIS is an interesting twist. Too bad it only lasted about 30 seconds. More, please!

2. Award for Best Apology does NOT Go to . . .
Poor Twin Ghost. I’m still not sure which name to call her (although I’m betting on Hanna). She spends all this time protecting her wretched sister, who basically shrugs and says, “Oops. Sorry.” Let me see. Would that be an apology for usurping your twin’s place? Trying to steal her boyfriend? Kidnapping and torturing him? Or maybe, leaving her to burn alive in the car while you hightailed it with a fortune in jewelry? There aren’t enough Hallmark cards in the world to make up for that kind of backstabbing.

So far, the actress playing the evil twin has had two main expressions: smirky and extra smirky. But I really liked how she played the sun necklace scene when Joongwon verbally smacked her down. You could just read the inner monologue on her face: He’s staring at the necklace. I’ve got him now! Wait, my clever little con didn’t work? Did he just call me a counterfeit? This can NOT be happening again! First my sister, and now this cleaning lady!!! Where’s my black hoodie and sunglasses? It’s payback time.

The way she reacted really confirms the whole theory about Joongwon being in love with the other sister, and this one resenting it, and changing places with the sweet, wealthy Hanna. I’m pretty sure this girl belongs in a mental ward.

3. Uncle – Fighting!
This guy just gets better and better. His faulty memory of the Vase Confrontation was too funny, with a gangster version of Gong Shil pointing a threatening finger at him. But in spite of this, he’s still on her side. Whenever his wife wasn’t looking, he was planting a bug in Master’s ear.

I don’t think there’s any serious advantage to him if Joongwon remembers, but he keeps plugging away. The last conversation he had at the fancy shindig was hilarious: Did you know Tae Gong Shil is here? Oh, you don’t want to see her. My bad. But if you did want to see her, I’d mention that the creepy lady in black has some sort of hold over her. SOMEBODY should do something about that.

4. What’s with the flashbacks?
It’s not even the finale, yet. Didn’t we have at least four flashback sequences? The writers even got extra time because of the Chuseok-One Episode week. That being said, I don’t remember the scene they showed from the banquet where Master and Taeyang are in their own little, flirty world. How cute was their laughing and poking?

5. Where has our Sunny gone?
This is the point in the drama cycle I dread. All the fun evaporates like a coma ghost while the angst builds to a fever pitch. The episode itself had quite a few light, entertaining moments, but what has happened to our Ms. Sunny? She’s like a shell of the vibrant, affectionate, extra touchy girl we’ve come to know and love. I understand her guilt over Joongwon’s accident and wanting to protect him, but how long do we have to put up with this horrible of all Drama Tropes – Noble Idiocy?

We’re getting close to the finish line. The amnesia detour made me nervous, but it came and went without too much pain. And I really loved that the fake necklace was not a major stumbling block for our clever Master. Whenever he looked at Hanna Brown, it was either with confusion, annoyance, or “Oh, are you still here?”

Still some unanswered questions, but at least we don’t have to wait seven long days for the answers, unlike last week. To quote that beloved, kids musical Annie, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love ya, Tomorrow. You’re only a day away.”

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