Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reply 1994 or "Who read my diary?"

What is this moisture in my eyes? This isn't my story. I wasn't raised in Seoul, Korea in 1994. I don't know who Seo Taiji is. But I did go home with college friends and meet their crazy families. And I did nurse a huge crush on a guy I never confessed to. So, maybe this is my story, after all. And, because of that, this show is quietly making a place for itself in my heart. Here's a few reasons why:

Protestin' to the Oldies

Who knew political demonstrations could be so fun? The townspeople turned a sit-in into a sock-hop, dancing in front of City Hall with their protest signs. I loved the guards surreptitiously tapping their feet to the music. Everyone had a grand time. At least until the storm troopers showed up with their tear gas.

Grandma, what big lies you have!

I know how Chilbongie felt when he learned Samcheonpo's frail-looking Grandma was just a con woman in a curly wig. Shock. Outrage. Amusement. I know because I felt the same way. This lady reeled me right in with her story about the Oppa under the tree that she never got to confess to. I may have even got a little misty when she bid goodbye to the kids for possibly the last time as she waved them off from the front porch. But how awesome is it that she's still alive and kickin' in 2013, and ready to start on her fourth honeymoon.

Samcheonpo gets to first base

A smelly, fishing boat never looked so romantic. This side couple's story tickles my funny bone. With her shelling the conches for her future Mother-in-law and him packing hot cocoa because he knows she hates coffee, their little moments really ring true. I feared Yoon-jin might grab his throat and choke him when he leaned in for a kiss. But the pint-sized gangster revealed a hidden girly side instead as she leaned her head against his shoulder and enjoyed the sunrise.

Second Lead Symptoms

Ah-choo. I think I might be coming down with something. I usually don't suffer from Second Lead Syndrome, at all. I pick a ship and stay on it. But after watching Chilbongie's overwhelming awesomeness last night . . . *cough, cough*

This guy rides a smelly, old bus for twelve hours just to have a five minute conversation with his crush. And what a conversation! There's something so sexy about a man who's willing to look a girl straight in the eye and say, "I like you." Instead of sending his friend, to ask her friend, to ask her, etc. I think we've all been there. And I'm not just talking about high school.

And then to top it all off with a tender but confident kiss. Someone call a doctor!

Ah, Doctor. There you are!

If it were anyone less than Oppa, I might be jumping ships. But our mutton headed man in the backwards sweatshirt can turn me around in a heartbeat. His long pause before he admitted to Bingguere that he couldn't remember anything about the movie he watched with Na-jung. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal!

I'm so confused. Does he like her or not? And if he does, is he aware of it? And if he is, why isn't he doing anything about it?

So many questions. But no matter who the husband in 2013 is, I love that everyone seems as happy and close as ever at the housewarming party. This show matters because it's about more than romantic butterflies in the tummy. It's about all the relationships that matter: family, friends, and the people you may only meet once but never forget.

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