Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Noonas Over Flowers or "If it's got Seung-gi, I'm In"

Seung-giyaaaaaaaaaaa! I find this guy so adorable. (Along with practically every female K-drama fan on the planet.) He stole my affections in The King 2 Hearts and now he’s back with four veteran actresses filming the travel/variety show Noonas Over Flowers. The news is starting to trickle in, and here are five tidbits that make me do a little dance in my chair:

Family Reunion

This show reunites Seung-gi with his Queen Mother co-star, Yoon Yeo-jung. She rocked it as the royal matriarch of K2H who wasn’t afraid to call her pampered playboy of a son trash to his face. I look forward to seeing these two interact in real life, since they already have a previous relationship to fall back on.

About 2 days too many

The flowered fun kicks off with a 10 day trip to Croatia. Anyone who’s done a lot of foreign tours knows, 10 days is a long time. The dirty laundry piles up. The unfamiliar food sits like a rock in your jet-lagged stomach. And you’re ready to stuff the “funny” man of the group in the trunk with the luggage. Let’s see how long these ladies last before the tears appear. And not just the ladies, we may see Seung-gi cry before this is all over.

Poor Puppy 

How much do you want to bet this show won’t end before we see him curled up somewhere in the fetal position? Having been the girl with the subway map and fistful of internet research, I can vouch for the pressure the person in charge feels. Each thing that goes wrong feels like a personal failure. Seung-gi seems like the type that needs babying and lots of affirmation, so he may not handle the stress well. Na PD interviewed, “He was supposed to be the team’s luggage boy, but he ended up being baggage himself.” Hahahahahaha. I can’t wait!

Speaking of the evil genius 

This director delights in tormenting his celebrities. And Seung-gi is no stranger to his machinations having filmed many long, hard hours of 1 Night, 2 Days. The staff jokingly calls the new show “Seung-gi-ya, Run Away”. But even the sadistic Na PD isn’t immune to the opposite sex, admitting that he wasn’t sure how to approach the female cast members. He said, “To be honest, I’m a little scared about how I should do things.” We saw how flustered the Grandpas made him on this show’s previous installment, when they played the Age card. So I can just imagine what the Gender card will bring. Be afraid, Sir. Be very afraid.

Hear me roar 

Maybe I’m watching the wrong things, but I feel like men dominate the reality world in Korea. (Not that I don’t luv exceptions like Song Ji-hyo.) On the big shows like Running Man, 1 Night 2 Days, and Infinity Challenge, it seems like the men always lead, and sometimes the girls get invited to play second fiddle. It will be a nice change to watch the girls call the shots, and order the boys around for awhile.

We won’t have to wait long since Noonas Over Flowers premieres on Friday, November 29th, after Reply 1994. Be still my giddy heart. I have to act calm. I’m sitting at my work desk. Must look professional. Musn’t squeal. At least, until I get home.

*Credit goes to lovelyclover and tryp96.wordpress.com on Soompi for the gif and translation of the top image.

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  1. I agree... Seung Gi is one of my favourites. My girlfriend is a Gumiho is still my #1 drama, and I've seen 37 of them now. I would love to hear your take on Heirs, Faith, Lee Min-ho.....