Friday, April 11, 2014

WGM Global: 1st Impressions

Hmmmmm. Not sure about this new season, yet. It's entertaining enough to keep me watching, but lacks the spark of its predecessor. Maybe I'm just missing Gui Gui, cause that girl was hilarious. The two new couples cavort through the expected hazards of language barriers and forced romantic setups in the usual manner, like so many We Got Married stars before them. Time will tell if they can distinguish themselves from the pack with either a heart-flutteringly good or train-wreckingly bad relationship.

The Roll-with-it Couple
The suit in this picture should be a clue that Super Junior member, Kim Heechul, is no wallflower. He tries to convince the audience in his interview that he's oh so shy. Yet, some of his first words to his pretend wife are "Where are you, Baby?" Pfffft. I can tell he's just a shrinking violet. His other half, Taiwanese actress and singer Puff Guo, has been forewarned of his playful personality and takes it all in stride. (I looked forward to her appearance on WGM, until I learned that she couldn't do Aaron Yan's latest drama Fall in Love with Me, because of it. Now I'm bitter. I loved them together in Just You, and think their chemistry could have livened up the so-far, so-so FiLwM. Seriously, I think it took me four tries to finish the first episode.) The newlywed's first conversation takes place over the phone as Heechul tries to locate his wife, and his inability to admit he can't understand her mix of English and Chinese bodes well for future hilarity. She rattles away directions and he keeps repeating Hao-Hao like he's fluent. He hangs up and then calls her right back. She gives more directions and he throws in more Hao-Haos for good measure. Heechul hangs up and then calls her back again. Rinse and repeat. Believe it or not, he does eventually find her and they linguistically stumble through their first date in a precarious but good natured manner. I like them together. Both singers appear confused but up-for-it.

The Awkward Couple
SHINee member, Key, seems more happy about starring in We Got Married than about meeting his new bride. He's been lobbying for it awhile and he finally has his heart's desire, but he's in for a few surprises. His partner is Japanese model, Yagi Arisa, who informs him that she is in her third year of High School. Cue panicked look of horror on Key's face. What's the proper way to welcome his barely legal wife? Why teach her the proper way to drink in Korea, of course. (He does so with a bottle of soda, but still. Does not compute.) Language proves less of a difficulty for these two as they switch comfortably between Japanese and English. It's obvious their relationship will be more PG than the other couple's.

Ironically, the Roll-with-it Couple looked more comfortable with each other at the WGM press conference. It could be the difference in personalities, the older ages, or the fact that Heechul just grabbed his wife around the waist and pulled her to him. Yes, he's soooooo shy. The Awkward Couple possesses better communication tools, yet seems a little stilted standing next to each other. But both couples are interesting, and I look forward to plenty of culture sharing, hearts-and-flowers faking, and Hao-Haoing in the future.

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