Saturday, January 11, 2014

You From Another Star: Hero Supersized

I must not be the only one noticing the Superman resemblance. Apparently, SBS ran a mock poster contest and the Boyscout in Blue made several appearances. Not that I'm complaining. I love the superhero vibe permeating this show. The swoony, save-the-day moments keep piling up, and this week only added to the ever-growing list. Let's check-off our snobby alien's other-worldy attributes, shall we?

Faster than a speeding fishbowl

Why the motorcycle stalker chose to throw a giant fishbowl at our heroine I'll never know. Wasn't it uncomfortable lugging that thing down the street? Didn't he get any weird looks? Anyway, Min-joon swooped in to pull Song-yi out of the way and then carried her off to safety, like a good hero should. And our leading lady wasn't too shook up to notice that he was in the car, and then he wasn't. Deny it all he wants. She's on to him.

More powerful than a runaway sports car

Did they rip this moment out of a DC comic? It was classic, damsel-in-distress being pushed off a cliff. But I don't mind. Him flying in from the sky and slamming his hands on the car as it screeched to a halt. *Sigh* So good. But how heartbreaking was poor, disoriented Song-yi crying for him to come back? Left all alone in the middle of nowhere. I understand why he had to protect his identity, but it was still a little cold.

Able to leap over the moon in a single bound

I suppose this answers the "Can he fly or just levitate?" question. If he can take his Joseon horse on a drunken joy ride across the sky, I think he can support his own weight just fine. I wish we could see more uninhibited smiles like that from our prickly professor. Is a full-on Superman-cradling-Lois-Lane-as-he-rises-above-the-clouds moment in our OTP's future? A girl can dream.

Standard Superhero Equipment: X-ray vision, Super-hearing, etc.
The superpowers keep piling up. He scanned Song-yi's teddy bear, no problem. And picked up on her cries for help from across the city. But there's one thing that's even sexier than super-hearing. Super-listening. She tells him to buy a cell phone, and he asks the salesman for the one with the best reception and saves her in his call list as #1. She mentions Udon, and he buys two servings. Because she previously said she doesn't like to eat alone. He pretends he doesn't hear her, but his ears are tuned to only one channel and it's all Song-yi Show, all the time.

You're my Kryptonite

Talk about an important epilogue. What could possibly top the kiss? How about Min-joon's confession that he regrets how he spent the last 400 years. He finally sees the value in a human life well lived: eating meals with another person, sharing your days with someone you love, and being remembered when you're gone. And it's the 15 Second Fairy that led him to this revelation. His heart is no longer invincible. But what can he do about it when he only has two months left on the planet?

What other superhero tropes await in the second half of the show? I'm hoping a cape will somehow make an appearance. I'll probably clap my hands together in glee if that happens.

*Thanks to Soompi for the top picture and their article on the poster competition. If you want to check it out, just cut and past the following address:


  1. Hee! Most definitely Superman. That car-stopping scene was classic Superman. But also, I think, he's Legolas-meets-Jedi Knight ;P

  2. Had not even thought of how weird a guy all in black and a giant helmet carrying a fishbowl would look.

  3. I went and looked him up when he played in "Giant", but now he definitely has my attention! Beautiful production...