Thursday, December 26, 2013

You From Another Star: Forgive me, for forgetting

I admit it. I forgot this show is Alien Awesomesauce, spread on top of a six-layer cake of sexy, smart and funny that leaves me shaking my head in admiration. Please forgive me, show. How could I even debate whether or not to turn you on? You reminded me quickly of all the reasons I want to be watching YFAS. Here are just a few:

Let’s go together.

Sageuks aren’t my thing. But the flashbacks could be a separate drama and I’d still be hooked. Nevermind the gorgeous scenery (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Korea look better. And Kim Soo-hyun may be one of the only men alive that can pull off those crazy tophats). The little girl who says she wants to grow up faster so she can capture her hero’s heart and then plays it off as a “first snow lie” just got me. I know she’s not going to make it, but it’s the “why” that’s still to be answered. And I have to give the show a big shoutout for assuming its audience has a brain. It never bothered to explain that our alien explorer can’t understand Human. It didn’t need to. Min-jung's smiling, slightly baffled expression conveyed it quite well. And we didn’t need any voiceovers clarifying how he suddenly started speaking fluent Korean. The guy’s a physical and mental powerhouse. He picks things up quick. We get it. Thanks for having faith in us.

You’ve heard my personality is bad, right? It’s not just a rumor. 

This sassy superstar with a soft, mushy inside is really growing on me. She’s seriously self-centered, but I like how attuned she is to her friend’s feelings. Her lecture to the fawning juniors solidified how smart she is with the social stuff. Don’t ask her to spell Propolis or write an intelligible book report. But if you need someone to read a room, or come up with a razor-sharp zinger on the spot, she’s your girl.

No one knows I’m your brother. 

If Song-yi embodies street smart, then Hwi-kyung must have a permanent seat reserved on the Clueless Bus. His ignorance of the social taboos in his undercover office job tickles my funny bone. (Mini-rant: If a co-worker spoke to me the way his senior lambasted him, I don’t know what I’d do. This is hardly the first drama I’ve seen this in, so I assume it’s a common thing in Korea. The newbie gets the crumb jobs. The newbie stays later than everybody. The newbie makes the coffee run. I understand it all centers around seniority and respect, but why do the seniors assert their authority by showing such DIS-respect? It makes me thankful for the people I work with, who speak to me in a normal tone of voice, and ask politely when they need me to do something. Okay. Rant over.) Hwi-kyung’s willingness to please only exacerbates the situation when he follows Mr. Meanie's advice by putting his family photo on the computer and everyone realizes he’s the boss’ son. Although I’m enjoying his current harmless but hilarious persona, it doesn’t line up with the flashback we saw of him in high school. Back then, he oozed harsh and haughty when Song-yi rejected him. I wonder if he’s mellowed over the years, or if he’s going to take a future turn for the dark side.

Always the bridesmaid 

They’re not giving Yoo Inna much to do, but I think she’s making the most of what she’s got. With her, it has to be all about the eyes as she reacts to being treated like The Invisible Woman by her junior actresses, reporters, and the man she’s loved for years. I hope that Hwi-kyung stops chasing after his unreachable star and recognizes the sweet, lovely woman in fabulous vintage-styled clothes right beside him. (Seriously, does anyone know where I can buy her wardrobe?)

If my appendix is removed, does my weight drop a little? 

Who knew appendicitis could be so fun? Min-joon can shout from the rooftops that he doesn’t care about Song-yi, but his actions drown him out. Spending all night at the hospital, surrendering your precious beeper number, and taking a stroll with the girl so she can pass gas isn’t exactly a declaration of love. But it’s a far cry from indifference. And what about the fact that this Prince Charming stole Cinderella’s shoes! That’s a new twist. The vibes between the two aren’t quite romantic, yet. But I love the one-on-one scenes. Every sweet gesture is wrapped in a verbal barb. The emotional armor is ten-feet thick with these two, and I look forward to the day when they finally lay their hearts bare.

Don’t worry show, I won’t forget how awesome you are before tonight. You can trust that I’ll be watching later, after I leave my quiet workplace where no one expects me to fetch them beverages or keep my head tucked between my shoulders.

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  1. Love this show so much. It has been a long time since I have seen a currently airing show that makes me crave and obsess about the next episode. Cant wait to watch 4.