Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let the List Making Commence!

Annyeonghaseyo, y’all.

How did a Southern Irish-Italian girl end up hooked on Korean Dramas? Probably the same as you:

1.      My friend recommended some story about a princess.
2.      I put it off for a long time.
3.      Wasted time searching. (How many princess dramas does Netflix have, anyway!)
4.      Begrudgingly checked it out.
5.      Wanted more, More, MORE before the story even ended.

Fast forward one year later. My family gives me strange looks when I refuse to watch anything in English, and I can gush for hours on Oppas, Birth Secrets, and Back Hugs. It’s been one wild, piggyback ride. But it’s not over, yet! So to celebrate the anniversary of my Sarang Affair with K-dramas, this blog was born.

A legion of others (like the fabulous girls at Dramabeans) provide witty, fun recaps for our Kimchi flavored addiction, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I’m a list-maker at heart, so I thought I’d give you a Top 5 for whatever subject happens to strike my fancy. Some possible future topics are:

1.      The Top 5 Korean versions of Mr. Darcy (You can bet that guy in the sparkly tracksuit will show up.)
2.      Why I’ve seen City Hunter, Boys Over Flowers, and parts of Personal Taste and still don’t get Lee Min Ho’s appeal (Ducks for cover as outrage fills the comments section.)
3.      Best K-drama kisses that made my toes curl in my socks (Who knew a refrigerator could be so sexy!)
4.      Why Kim Hyun Joong’s acting in Playful Kiss doesn’t get enough credit (I’m not saying give him an Oscar, but there are some moments where I really believed him.)
5.      The reasons I cried at the end of the YongSeo relationship in We Got Married (I know. The story is scripted. The room is full of cameras. It's pathetic. I admit it.)

If you too like orderly rows of numbers and you love the squeeworthy romance of Korean Dramas, then drop me a line and maybe we can make a list of how to improve my blog.

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  1. You haven't been beaned for your Min-ho comment yet? I watched him first in Faith, and became a huge fan. I then started watching his other stuff. I hated BOF, and probably would not have been a fan if I had watched it first. I know that Faith did not seem to be popular in Korea, while something like Winter Blows Huge Donkeys gets the nod,which I don't really understand. Faith had one of the best first episodes I have ever seen, and a beautiful ending, which seems to be difficult to get in Korean drama. I admit it was confusing, and I had to re-watch the beginning again to figure it out. The expression on his face in the last scene was PRICELESS beyond belief. What I really love about him is the bright universe in his eyes and smile. I keep rooting for him even though Heirs is a huge disappointment.